Launching of the IPSV campaign

Launching of the IPSV campaign
Receptive stakeholders

Sunday, November 13, 2022


The final phase of the campaign which propounded the need to build up relations of responsible care between the gender within the family and society took place on 12th November 2022 at Pointe aux Roches, a prime public beach in the south(Souillac). The same activity was held at Phoenix on 6th November, 2022. The two activities attracted participants across the gender from different age groups and besides engaging in information, education and communication campaign on matters related to intimate sexual violence, reproductive sexual health, male responsibilty, community participation , assimmilation of dual responsibility in the house, they also participated in indoor and outdoor games such as domino, carrom, cards, petanque, and football. There was also an intensive volley on training of trainers so that the IEC campaign be replicated within the community. The MACP programme began as early asJuly 2022 at both Souillac and Phoenix and reach about 500 participants across the gender in the agebracket of 15 to 65 years. Gallery

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